Overview of Home Lighting

1. Why Good Lighting in the House Is Important?

Lighting plays a crucial part in home interior design and decoration; however it often comes as an afterthought for a lot of people. They tend to focus on furniture, carpentry, and wall color instead.
Light is associated with life and vitality. Proper use of light provides an uplifting sense while the lack of light just drains the energy out of a room, making people feel gloomy and uncomfortable. Interior designs always try to bring light into houses.
Lighting can create both reality and illusion at the same time; it can also distract attention from a room’s interior or enhance it. The correct lighting scheme is necessary everywhere in a house, even in the bathroom. The room can make very different with different lighting systems.
Here are some reasons why good lighting is necessary for our house:
  • Functionality: Lighting is present in a room for a particular purpose. Or else, why do we turn on a lamp or wall scones just to waste electricity if they add absolutely no effect or if their presences are no necessary at all.
  • Color management: Lighting can subtract or add to a room’s overall color or the area it lights up. Dark light can make a room look gloomy. Natural light can enhance the existing color in the chamber very well as it bounces off reflective surfaces. Lighting fixtures help highlight the color of a favorite painting, for example.
  • The illusion of space: Using color to change the perception of space is very common. Bright light reflected off the surfaces of the wall can a room look more spacious than it is. On the other hand, dark lighting can make even a large room feel smaller and cramped, especially with close-proximity furniture arrangement. Though both natural and man-made lighting can create the effect of space illusion, natural light is preferred.
  • Harmony: lighting help all elements in a room come together seamlessly. This requires proper placement of light that is done in conjunction with interior design, wall color choice, and furniture selection.
  • Mood: Lighting has a significant influence on social mood.  Bright lights make people feel upbeat and energetic while little lights are suitable for cozy, peaceful and romantic settings. Gloomy lights can evoke depressed and anxious feelings.

2. Basic Types of Lighting

Regarding function, there are four main types of lighting:
  • Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting is also called general lighting; this is the kind of lighting that illuminates an entire room with a uniform light level. We can think about it as the chamber’s primary source of light. It takes many forms, for example, natural lights from the windows, lighting fixtures in the center of the ceiling, recessed fixtures casting light downwards and wall sconces.
  • Task Lighting
Task lighting is used to illuminate a particular area in a room for a certain task. The most notable example is a lamp: it can be put on a table for book reading, working or on a piano. Task lighting is also standard in the kitchen to light up the counter where we prepare food.
  • Accent Lighting
Accent lighting aims to highlight the design in a room (a beautiful ceiling, for example) or draw attention to a particular object as an artwork, sculpture or the Christmas tree. It can also be used outdoors to highlight the landscape. Recessed light fixtures are often applied to create the highlight effects.
  • Decorative Lighting
All of the three types of lighting mentioned above can serve as decorative lighting, which often acts as the focal point of a room. Chandeliers or beautiful decorative lamps are often used for decorative lighting: they draw attention to themselves.
Concerning the source of light, we have natural lighting (sunlight, candlelight, and firelight) and man-made lighting (lighting fixtures create by human). Take note that the quality of natural light depends on many factors like season or time of the day.

3. Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Stay away from common lighting mistakes with our tips:
  • Use one source of light only
There are many cases whether one source of light is not enough, and the room can look boring.
Even though there are many different types of lighting, it is not mandatory to have all of them in the same room. It is nice, however, to have different layers of light to make a room look beautiful and to serve different purposes.
Ambient lighting should be considered first, followed by task and accent lighting. That way, we go from the general purpose of lighting in a room to specific details of what to do with it. However, for home offices or art gallery, we may think about accent lighting first.
For different layers of light, apply light at different heights.
  • Skip dimmers
Don’t go overboard on recessed lighting. Too much of bright light can hardly create good mood and atmosphere for a room. Instead, it is harsh on your eyes can also unflattering.
We can easily control lighting during the day or at night with a dimmer switch. They even help decrease energy and heat output for lighting fixtures, especially when combined soft white bulbs.
  • Choose fixtures of the wrong size
A chandelier looks great, but if it is too small for the dining room, we can’t achieve the desired effect. It can even look weird and out of place. Placing an over-sized lamp near a small sofa doesn’t look nice either.
Pay attention to the size of fixtures, measure them well before buying or we may end up regretting later.
  • Don’t match the lighting with wall color
The paint color of the walls and the lighting scheme should go hand in hand. If the walls look too dark, the room will not feel bright and airy enough no matter how much light you let it. Even a slight change in color hue can make a difference.
Also, don’t forget to match the lighting with the style of existing furniture in the room. A vintage chandelier will go well in a room with traditional decor.
  • Don’t control light separately
If we want to make sure that our lighting fixtures work efficiently, don’t use one switch for all lights fixtures in a room. Limit to more than three lights/switch.
  • Forget about the shadow
The place where you put a light is necessary. If you put a light in a wrong spot, its shadow can be a problem.   Make sure you take that into account.

Caring for Your Home Rooftop Garden

Despite how cruel the fact can be, how narrow your land or house is; it seems that the people still need the green color, nature and trees. It ‘s hard to imagine a living space or a habitat is completely absent greenery.

Not every time, or everywhere you can plant, so must watch the green color on the street, or at the neighbors to calm your eyes.

But nothing could be compared with actively creating green spaces for you to enjoy by yourself. Maybe the greenery is only small accents such as a flower pot on the balcony, a green climbing green shoot on the window.

But when having conditions, people can build a green space from the home gardens. Of course, a garden on the ground is very hard for townhouses in urban areas.

So, the green spaces are almost the home rooftop garden. As you know, one of the most important to care for any home garden is watering the plants.

So, although they are just the soil, plants, or flowers, every day you come carefully to them, you use the products of them such as vegetables, fruits or even the air, if you want your garden to be healthy for a long time, you must use the safe water for them, let’s learn about the best reverse osmosis system for clean water at home not only dedicated to the rooftop garden in particular, but also for all of other activities in your family in general.

Usually for the houses in the city, in the front of the top floor (facing the space) is an empty yard but not a room, it is a green space, an ideal green area.

Previously, the majority of homeowners often place the potted plants; it is a straightforward and flexible solution.

But this simplicity also makes green spaces dry unnaturally, that area as well as space for the garden feels narrow, cumbersome and inconvenient.

With today waterproofing facilities and materials, together with more investment for the house; a lot of work had a “really garden” on the roof, on the terrace, with studying, layout, not just the single potted plants.

Even if carefully calculating about structure, drainage of the works as well as the biological characteristics of plants, you can ultimately plant directly the relatively large trees on the terrace, or on the roof.

If the rain, cold or freeze phase is coming, let’s shield the mollusk trees or the plants carefully not plotted and poorly hardy.

There are many plants do not tolerate the cold. For potted plants, you can move them to a different location more airtight. Avoid making your garden as just devastated.

In fact, growing vegetables on the roof is simple and efficient, although the aesthetic and sanitation problems are poorer because vegetables can’t be sweet as flowers or plants.

Also, growing vegetables need to regularly care and watering. But growing plants is safe for the roof because the loads up to the ceiling are not increased due to the cyclic rotation, different from growing the medium and large woody trees.

The roots of vegetables can’t naturally abuse the roof structure. Growing vegetables (on the rooftop) gives us fresh vegetables – even at home, it is also very significant in times of soaring prices and food safety issues always make consumers get headaches, restlessness.

And finally, the cultivation of vegetables creates a habit of manual working, close to nature, and creates a positive family care attitude – something that is increasingly rare in the social context that too much-working pressure weighs on each human.

You also need to know that a rooftop garden combined with the aquarium has the effect against the hot very effectively.

For the tropical regions, heat-resistant handling is one of the important contents of the building design. Architectural surfaces having the time to receive solar radiation most is the roof.

Therefore, heat-resistant handling for the house also means making architectural – technical solutions for the roofs.

Planting on the ceiling, create the rooftop garden is not only a beautiful exterior part, or a pleasure of house owners, but it also has the capabilities and meanings.

If it is studied and mixed well, the rooftop garden is a solution very effectively to against the heat besides aesthetic – beauty elements for the work.

The wet soil of a rooftop garden helps to prevent the radiation down to the concrete surface of the roof, contribute to adjust the temperature very efficiently, against heat.

Also, the reduction of radiation for structural concrete roof also makes the concrete on the ceiling minimizing shrinkage (particularly when temperature changes suddenly) that causes the surface cracking, thereby leading to the absorbing status.

The rooftop garden can be placed on the roof of a trading ground floor of a townhouse. The design of the backyard will make you feel this is the garden on the ground floor, not hanging garden.

To care for your rooftop home garden, you also should select the pots to plant that has much nutrition. The pots to plant the seed of flowers and bonsais are crucial.

Because the trees which are planted in the home garden are restricted by decorative sinks or pots, you ought to select the pots or the soil cavernously and added full of nutrition necessary for plants.

You should note about the good drainage and moisture of the containers to make the flowers not be dried and lacked water; it is easy to make the trees slow to grow.

Besides, you have to check often the pestilent insect.

Homeowners usually pay much attention to adequately watering the plants at home but rarely take the time to care and check the status of pestilent insect for plants, especially when the weather unusually varies such as: changing seasons, rains lasting so long, continuous hot weather, they all can make the trees affected, the trees can be attacked by pestilent insect or water congested by the many spots of rain.

To make sure that the landscape of your home garden is always beautiful and stable, homeowners should examine the trees weekly, trim and cut away the branches and leaves damaged, the branches no effect to keep the health of trees, clean the dry leaves falling under the tree roots, cut off all serve flowers to prevent the spread of sick resources.

Lastly, do not forget to fertilize periodically for your home garden on the roof. To help the plants at home to be always green, well and produce many flowers and fruits, apart from full light, the trees also need the regular food source, that is you need to fertilize the plant periodically, you should apply 1-2 times a month, once with inorganic fertilizers such as

To help the plants at home to be always green, well and produce many flowers and fruits, apart from full light, the trees also need the regular food source, that is you need to fertilize the plant periodically, you should apply 1-2 times a month, once with inorganic fertilizers such as NPK, P, DAP … and once with organic fertilizers or leaf fertilizer such as earth-worm fertilizer, manure, pots, vitamins, leaf fertilizer providing micronutrients, according to the guides to manure of producers.

Mother Should Refer to Cook Delicious Soups for Babies

Please refer below to cook for your babies the incredibly tasty and nutritious soups!

1. Vegetables and Pig Brain Soups

    • The pig brain after bought is peeled the outer membrane cleanly
    • Marinate the pig brain with one tablespoon of lard, one tablespoon of fish sauce, and spices
    • Steam the brain until it is cooked. Use the spoon to puree the brain
    • Mill or grind the vegetables
    • Put the pot of white porridge on the stove, pour the bowl of pig brain and vegetables into it and blend evenly. Tasting the spices to suits your taste.

2. Ground Crab Porridge

    • Crab is ground and filtered with water.
    • Boil the water to filter the crab with a few grains of white salt until boiled, pick the crab meat out separately.
    • For the rest part of seafood stock, pour the rice into it to stew the porridge.
    • Chop the astronauts and flavor them with the fat, put the milt tomatoes (peeled the shield and removed the seeds) in it to stir-fry together, the crab bricks are also poured into it to stir-fry jointly to make the color. Taste the spice. Pour the separate bowl of crab meat into it to blend all, too.
    • Put the pot of soup on the stove. Pour the mixture of ground crab above into it to blend. Season to suits your taste.

3. Pig Nail, Lotus Seeds and Spring Onion Porridge

    • For pork feets, you should choose the piece that only has tendons and skin so that to be less fat.
    • Boil the pig nails, pour the dirty water out.
    • Put the nails, lotus seeds, and rice into the pot and stew tenderly.
    • Remove the nails to mill or put full pieces (if your children are older). Use the spoon to puree the lotus seeds.
    • Season to suit your taste.
    • Chop the spring onions, and drop into the pot of soup before picking it out.

4. Cuttle, Carrot and Cumin Porridge

    • Cuttle after bought is peeled the outer layer, use the knife to cut the stomach of the cuttle to squeeze with salt and white wine, rinse with the water cleanly, until can’t smell any fishy odors longer. Slice into the pieces enough to marinate with spices and a little fish sauce.
    • Chop the onion, and flavor them with fat to be yellow. Then use the spoon to pick the onion out to a separate cup and the fat remaining in the pan will be stir-fried with the cuttle. Leave the high fire and quickly stir-fry and right cooked to make the cuttle not out of freshwater.
    • Carrots are right cooked with the aim to retain the vitamin of carrots
    • If your babies can eat, you will chop the stir-fried cuttle and cut the carrots, but if your kids can’t, you must puree. When grinding, you should remember to slice the cuttle and carrots into the small pieces to be ground more shredded; you can use the boiled carrot broth to grind with!
    • Put the pot of white porridge on the stove, put the chopped (ground) cuttle and cut the (ground) carrot into blend and season the spices to fit your mouth, pour a tablespoon of flavored onion on it.
    • Pour the soup into the bowl, add a tablespoon of onion on it!

5. Beef, Loofah, and Bean Sprouts Porridge

    • Slice the meat thinly and marinate with 1 chopped garlic clove, one tablespoon of vegetable oil, and seasonings.
    • Flavor the minced garlic, put the meat in it to stir-fry with the high heat. Put the loofah sliced into moderate pieces into fry together, blend quickly.
    • Chop or grind the above-sauteed mixture.
    • Chop the bean sprouts to be small.
    • Put the white porridge up to the stove, put the beef and loofah that have chopped into and blend.
    • Taste for fitting your taste and turn off the stove

6. Pork, Tofu, Tomato, and Coriander Porridge

    • Pork is chopped and marinated with one tablespoon of minced onion, one tablespoon of fish sauce, and seasonings.
    • The onion is chopped. Flavor the astronaut with the fat, put the chopped tomatoes (already peeled the shield and remove the seeds) into to be fried, put the bowl of marinated minced meat into the mix.
    • Use the spoon to puree the tofu.
    • Put the white porridge up to the stove, and put the stir-fried mixture and tofu in to blend. Taste for fitting your taste.
    • Drop the chopped Coriander into the pot of soup before picking it out.

7. Eel, Cumin, and Laksa Leaves Porridge

    • Eels after bought will be cleaned. Boil the eel with a few grains of white salt.
    • Remove a small cup of eels to put separately, and the bones of them will be placed in the mortar with the eel boiled broth. Squeeze to get the stock separately.
    • Finely chop the turmeric pieces to put into the bowl of eel meat (already chopped).
    • Marinate with one tablespoon of fish sauce, and seasonings.
    • Flavor the astronaut with fat, pour the eel into the stir-fry.
    • Put the white porridge up to the stove, and put the stir-fried eel, eel bone broth into the mix.
    • Season to suit your taste.
    • Laksa leaves will be finely chopped and dropped into the pot of soup before picking it out.

8. Shrimp and Pumpkin Porridge

    • Peel the shrimp, take the meat and leave the black tendon on the spine of shrimp.
    • Chop the shrimp with the top of white onion and marinate with spices.
    • Pumpkin is boiled to be cooked, use the spoon to puree or mince.
    • Put the white porridge up to the stove, and put the pumpkin into mix.
    • Season to suit your taste and pick the pot out. Pour a spoon of cooking oil of your babies into the bowl of porridge.

In Order to Have a Delicious Meal from Chickens and Something You Need to Know When You Use Them

Here are 5 notes need to be known when cooking the chicken dishes that women can refer to improve the skills and experiences in cooking. And this also contributes to help you to create the meals delicious and attractive for your whole family. We wish you apply successfully and be always the homemaker talented and cleverly.

1. After the boiled chicken is cooked

When you bring the chicken out, put it in a pot of cold water immediately or a stainless steel basket and then pour cold water directly on it. Touch until the skin of chicken is completely cool then pick it out or do not pour the water on it anymore, if not the skin of it will be easier to be darken and dry.

Mill the turmeric to be pureed and squeeze to take the stock to mix with the chicken fat that has been flavored. When you find that the chicken was dried, let’s brush a layer of this mixture to spray evenly over the chicken skin that was drained. Make sure that the boiled chicken will look so sleek, stretched and smooth very attractively.

2. Cook the chicken dishes

To make sure that the meat is cooked evenly, the middle part of breast meat piece should be placed in the center of the pan to ensure they will get the heat most.

If you cook confused parts of a chicken in a dish, you had better cook the back and thighs part before that a few minutes, then add the chicken breast and wings after.

To check if the chicken is cooked or not, use the top of a sharp knife to groove into the thickest part of the chicken, if the secreted water does not have red color that means the chicken is entirely cooked.

3. Bake the chicken

In order to make the grilled chicken has the crispy skin; sometimes in the process of grilling you ought to apply a layer of butter over the skin of it!

4. Select the chicken

Chicken is the type of meat has the source and origin most obvious. Besides, it is also the type of poultry easy to carry diseases, so when buying the chicken meat we need to pay attention that:

  • For the chickens made readily:

If you buy the poultry what has been made already, make sure that the meat has been quarantined about food sanitary safety. The frozen meat will be not as chewy as the fresh meat. The chicken made readily will usually has the compact and firm body, narrow breast, and yellow skin light and dark unevenly at some places, such as breast or swings. And the industrial chicken is usually fat, with the all white or yellow body. You also need to note that if the skin of chicken is yellow but the fat layer inside is white, it is sure that chicken has been stained. In addition, the poultry is also pumped very often, some places usually pumped are: the thighs or the breast, you just need to press your finger into it, if seeing it is flaccid, wet or deformed, you should not buy it.

  • For the chickens still alive:

The chickens must look healthy, quick. The wart must be brightly red; the feather must be shiny and smooth. The anus is pink, without any strange fluids. When you turn up the swings, there is no trace of injection, the skin is stretched and light with no bruises. The legs are slim, small, totally yellow, not wrinkled.

5. The foods are taboo to combine with the chicken

Chicken is one of the main foods for the human; most people like to eat dishes made from the chicken. With the chicken we can process into many different dishes, but the housewife should pay attention when preparing the dishes made from the chicken, we should note some foods and spices should not be combined with the chicken.

For years, the chicken has been the dish daily and beloved of people. But, in order to use according to the scientific aspect and the perspective of Oriental medicine, it is not well known. Sometimes, you just inadvertently coordinate the foods, spices wrongly, and then in addition to losing nutrition value, it can also cause unfortunate results.

  • Taboo the garlic, borecole and raw onions

According to Oriental medicine, the chicken is inherently sweet and warm, but the garlic is greatly heat, borecole and raw onions are sweet and cold, so when combining with each other your body will produce the heat or the hot and the cold fighting that generates the dysentery, and damage the blood.

When eating and generating that disease, let’s cooking the mulberry leaves water to drink it will stops.

  • Taboo batten salt and marjoram

The batten has sweet flavor has the effect of protecting the liver and the blood. The marjoram is spicy and warm, prevent the wind and air from converging, and cut the congested status.

Therefore, when combined together, all will affect the liver and air, cause the dizziness, ringing in the ears or shaking the whole body and nerve tingling. In that case, cooking the licorice water to drink will end the disease.

  • Taboo the meat and liver of the dog
The meat and liver of the dog has the greatly hot nature, so when combined with the chicken, they are easy to cause “flooded air” and dysentery. Then, using the licorice water to drink will be quits.
  • Taboo to eat with sticky rice
Sticky rice has the sweet taste and also the warm nature, so these two things when combined together will easily generate tapeworms. Therefore, we should not eat much these two things at once.

If you unfortunately suffer the tapeworm, taking a hand of burned sticky rice to eat will be deducted.

  • Do not eat with the carp
The chicken is sweet and warm; the carp is sweet and cold. So if you eat them together, it will produce the pimples or cancer cases. Should cook the black bean water to drink, you will be quits.
  • Do not eat with shrimp

Shrimp and chicken are sweet and warm. Eating together with be generate the itching all over your body, to be quits you cook the marjoram water to drink.

  • Do not eat with the plum

Plum is warm, if eaten with chicken; it will create the Cholera and fever. Then, cook the medlar water to drink will be OK.